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Tech Package

Tech is the backbone of Illuminate Church. We are committed to utilizing the best technology and facilities available to reach the lost and connect believers. As an online church we must invest in both equipment and production services that will create a stand-out online experience that attracts the eye, opens the door, and creates an atmosphere for God to capture and change hearts.

  • Producton + Studio - $2500/Mo $30,000.00
  • Equipment - OneTime $8,250.00
  • PlanningCenter - $170/Mo $2,040.00
  • Website & Hosting - One Time $2,600.00
  • Total $42,890.00


Outreach is a foundational ministry tool. While Illuminate is an online ministry, we are called to serve our local communities in a tangible way. We also look forward to the opportunity to fellowship and serve with Illuminate Nation in person when it is safe to gather.

  • CommunityEvents-1/Qtr $7,200.00
  • Illuminate Gathering - 2/Yr $15,000.00
  • SocialReach-$500/Mo $6,000.00
  • Total $28,200.00


Fundraising for salaries is necessary to ensure we have the focus on launching well and driving ministry self-sufficiency. As we reach self-sufficiency we will focus on growth. As we grow we continue to invest back into the ministry creating a healthy kingdom-minded economy.

  • Pastoral Allowance $54,750.00
  • Worship Ministry - $500/Mo Marketing/ $6,000.00
  • Branding Team - $800/Mo $9,600.00
  • Total $70,350.00

Donations can also be mailed to:
Illuminate Church,
PO Box 470551,
Los Angeles, CA

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Illuminate Church is an ARC church. ARC (Association of Related Churches) is a global church planting network that provides support, guidance, and resources to church planters all over the world.